Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday- Spice Organization

Everytime I went to grab a spice from my cabinet it was a disaster. Half the time I couldn't find the spice I was needing. This prompted a trip to the store for that spice, only to find later 3 jars of the same kind buried in the back of my cabinet. Other times I tried to quickly grab the spice jar only to have 10 other spices come tumbling out. I think WB got tired of me yelling, "Honey, where is the cumin!!" So he designed a nifty and attractive spice board for me.

He went to Home Depot and bought a thin sheet of metal. He proceded to cut it into a small square to fit the inside of our kitchen cabinet door. With small screws he placed it on the inside of the door. He bought these cute red containers at World Market. They have pour spouts and magnetic backs. We used our label maker to label all the little jars.

Here is the finished product:

I love just opening my cabinet and quickly grabbing the spice I need. It's also helpful because I can see right away what spice is low and replace it before I need it again!

And while I was waiting on my second spice cabinet to go up I decided to stick the jars to my fridge. Friends saw this and thought this would be great for them. The jars are pretty enough to have out and they would be easy to grab as you were cooking. Oh, just keep them up high if you have little hands around the house. Otherwise, you might find yourself cleaning cumin seeds out of the couch, and hallway, and bathroom, and bookcase. Those seeds go a long ways!!

That's my WFMW . For more great tips head over here!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this idea. I might need to add that to my husband's "honey do" list.

Pat's Place said...

Mmmm! Great idea! I might have to get WB's dad to get on that project, but not until he finishes the chimney. FINALLY, the blue tarp is gone! Definitely movement in a good direction!

katy said...

I love those containers! And they have tight lids so they don't spill sideway?

Kara said...

So far the only spill was from a container that did not get closed before being put up:)
Yea, for the blue tarp being gone. That is progress in a good direction for sure!