Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WFMW- Out of eggs, no problem!

We used up all our eggs last week and went out of town for Easter. I still, because I procrastinate, have not made it into town to buy some groceries. But even though we were out of cereal this morning I woke up early to make the girls waffles. Added the mix, milk, oil, and then remembered I have no eggs!! The girls would be down in 5 minutes and I had no breakfast. My cupboard is bare folks, it was either waffles or crunching on some random pieces of cereal that fell out of the box and were hiding out on my pantry shelves. I quickly ran to the Internet and looked up egg substitute. Lot's of weird things popped up that I do not have on hand, but finally my breakfast saver: 2 tablespoons of cornstarch = 1 egg in baking.
I finished the waffles. Holding my breath I cooked them, they looked just fine. Then my daughter's scarfed them down before I could even ask if they tasted okay (or take a picture for my blog).
So there's my tip. When out of eggs, never fear if you have cornstarch on hand!
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Innkeeper Seely said...

Wow! it will sure beat dashing out to the store to get egg substitute when the "Surprise I'm a Vegan" guest shows up at 10 pm and we had an egg based something planned for breakfast.

Simply Sara said...

I've never heard of that one....

My son is allergic to eggs, and I've used applesauce in place of eggs, but it does give a bit of a different taste..I'll be trying out the cornstarch for sure!

Thanks for the helpful tip!