Monday, September 3, 2007

Campfire Cookout

We have enjoyed a fun and fairly relaxing Labor Day weekend. We decided to celebrate by having a campfire cookout Saturday night. Nothing fancy, just hot dogs, chips, and our favorite S'mores.

I'm in charge of packing up the picnic basket and lugging it all the way to the side of our house, while my husband starts a little fire. Hubby did the shopping for the S'mores and the kids were excited to see that he found not only regular marshmallows, but chocolate ones as well. I'm excited to see that he has gotten two kinds of chocolate; semi-sweet and dark. Around here we take our chocolate seriously and splurge a little by buying the more expensive kind. There are just some things in life you can not cut corners on!

Em and Soph love cooking their own hot dogs over the fire. I always appoint myself safety manager and manage to tell the girls at least fifty times, "Be careful of the fire", "Don't forget there's a fire", "Don't step in the fire". I know that after I say this twice they tune me out, but it makes me feel better to constantly repeat myself:)

The girls always ask us to tell them camping stories and luckily hubby was an Eagle Scout and has plenty to share. Even though I was a Girl Scout I never did overnight camps and my family's idea of camping out was sleeping at the Holiday Inn.

We watched as the first stars of the evening appeared and considered ourselves lucky to be able to spend this time together as a family.


Anonymous said...

Did hubby tell about campouts at Enchanted Rock? We talked about going there with Em but never made it.

Sasha said...

Love S'mores ... but we don't have chocolate marshmallows here in Australia! Sounds utterly decadent!!

Jendeis said...

Hi Kara,

Thanks for commenting on my MPM post! Your post makes me so hungry for chocolate. Mmmmm.