Thursday, September 27, 2007

The "Potholes" Of Life

I woke up very early this a.m. and took hubby in for his knee surgery. He has never had surgery before and I guess I was more anxious about it than him, but I shouldn't have been. The admitting nurse took his blood pressure and it was 95/60, cool as a cucumber. The nurse had to ask him if all was well when she finished with the IV because he hadn't flinched or made a sound. Tough guy:)

The doctor removed the loose bodies arthroscopically, but really had to work the larger 1/2 inch pieces of dead bone and cartilage out, yikes! There was a small tear on the meniscus that he mended, which we thought might have been there. But then the doctor said he had what he called a pothole on the weight bearing portion of his knee. Most likely some old injury that has left him with a large area of dead cartilage and bone, creating a "pothole" in his knee. This little injury will keep him on crutches for 10 days and in a brace.

And how did hubby take all this...he wants to go back to work tomorrow. I had to force him to sit down when we got home and relax. He came out of the operating room ready to go, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I am never that lucky. I always want to sleep for a week!

Anyway, I hope none of you see me on the news as the crazy woman who tied her husband to the couch, but that may be what it takes to make him rest!

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