Friday, September 28, 2007

Saving Pennies

We love to find pennies. My girls can spot them in the parking lot at ten paces. "Look Mom, I found a penny", they shout out gleefully and then usually follow it up with a little dance. Isn't it great that small children can appreciate the value of even a penny!
I hate to admit this, but before I was frugal when I would come across pennies in my drawers I would throw them away. Or instead of lean over and pick up the penny on my floor I would let my vacuum suck it up! I know, I know how could I. To give myself some credit if it was a nickel or a quarter I absolutely would keep it. Anyway, don't you worry I have changed my ways. We now understand the value of mere pennies in this household.
We have a glass milk jar and we have deemed it our loose change bank. Anytime we find loose change we drop it in our jar. The girls love to scour the car and sofa cushions for treasures. And yes, all those pennies people carelessly drop out of their pockets in parking lots, sidewalks and such are true finds for my little ones.
Now when we want a special treat, like going for a coke or ice cream, we go get our "milk money" and count out our pennies (and the odd nickels, dimes, and quarters that find their way in). I heard of a man who saved his loose change for twenty years and was able to use it to take his wife to Hawaii for a second honeymoon!
So my tip is to save your change, who knows where it might take you:)
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Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

One thing I love about pennies is that they have "In God we trust" on them. What a great reminder!

Katie said...

My husband and I have both saved our change for several years. I've bought my new skates and have saved well on my way to replacing what was my mother's sewing machine, purchased in 1972 (but still running nicely unless I want to make a buttonhole) the same way. (Our one-of-a-kind banks help.)

Debbie J. said...

My husband always picks up pennies he finds on the ground, but I never did before we met. Now I always do. We put them in the car and sometimes they come in so handy when I'm just a penny or 2 short at a drive through!