Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who's that knocking at my door?

I have a new friend. He usually drops by in the morning. The first time he knocked at my door I was alone, having just put Little One down for a nap. Living out where we do we don't get many unexpected visitors so I must admit I was a little alarmed the first time he showed up. But now as we've gotten to know each other, I enjoy his visits. In fact, he always puts a smile on my face. Even though our front door is mostly glass I don't have to look out to know he has come for a visit. His knock identifies him immediately. Tap, Tap...tap, tap, tap. It's his secret knock. I call him George. Now, I'm not sure if that is his given name, because he's never told me that. But I call him George because he's sort of a curious fellow and reminds me a lot of the little monkey that goes by that name. He's a big help around the yard. He gets rid of any snakes that may wander too close to the house and his mere presence scares away any mice that may be lurking around. I know you may be wondering what my husband thinks about my daytime visitor. Don't worry, he's not jealous of George at all. In fact, the first time he came to visit I immediately got on the phone to tell him about my unexpected visitor. Even though George can be shy I was able to snap this picture of him to share with you.

Greater Roadrunner (a.k.a. George)

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