Monday, October 29, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

Last night as I was putting Little One to bed I for some reason got to thinking about all the critters that like to call our house their home. I'm not talking about the wildlife outside, but inside. The creatures that keep passing through our defense systems. I was thinking that mice aren't as bad as snakes or bigger rodents, yes that was what I was thinking early in the evening. But in the middle of the night when Little One woke up crying I ran into the nursery to console her just as a little mouse went running out, I wasn't so sure about my earlier musing. Perched on the recliner with the baby I stared at the doorway just waiting. And a few minutes later the invader darted back into the room. At my alarmed gasp it came to a screeching halt and quickly left again. Great, now it's probably in Em or Soph's room or my own bedroom.

Urghh, our live traps that had given me a false sense of security since our mouse invasion last spring must not be working. Or it is possible that this mouse just hadn't found them yet. Our dear pest man said that they wouldn't stay upstairs for long because there is no food for them. I tried comforting myself with this knowledge as I stood slowly and made a mad dart to my bedroom, Little One clinging to me as she was still nursing. Running on tiptoes I prayed I would not encounter our visitor and let out a screech that would wake the household. As I made a leap into bed that even the most accomplished long jumper would admire I happened to glance at my husband. Laying perfectly still, head turned, eyes wide as saucers he stared at me unmoving as I landed in bed beside him.
"Mouse" I quickly whispered.
"Where?" was his groggy response.
"In the nursery" I tried to ignore the cold sweat enveloping my body.
"Oh" he mumbled as he fell back to sleep.

I stared a hole into our hallway as I waited for the mouse to appear. I knew it would. It was almost as if it was stalking me. A few minutes later the whiskered prowler made an entrance into my bedroom. I couldn't help but gasp, which sent it scurrying out of my room. Groaning my husband sat up.
"It was just here." Nonchalantly, I leaned back against the bed and shrugged, "It's just a little one." Nervous chuckle.
My hubby is not fooled. Reluctantly he gets up and goes downstairs to retrieve a live trap and brings it up to our room. Placing it against one wall he then climbs into bed and is quickly asleep.

Needless to say the mouse makes another appearance, bypassing the trap by joyfully leaping down the other side of the hallway. Again I scare it with my indrawn breath and this time my husband wakes with a few choice words.
"The other side of the wall." Pause. "I think the trap would be better outside of our door in the main hallway."

Hubby gets out of bed mumbling something about just trying to sleep and how we need to put this into prospective because it is just a little mouse. I notice he turns on all the lights and tentatively looks behind our door as he goes to move the trap. I've learned lights don't scare the mice away it just makes them easier to see. But I didn't share this tidbit with him.

I make myself close my eyes so if the trespasser returns I won't see him. I tell myself that he is more afraid of me than I am of him. I also remember how cute little mice are when I see them outside or at the pet store. I remind myself how ridiculous it is to be frightened of such a tiny creature. I sleep, I dream of mice...

This morning no sign of Ralph (my trick, always name your fear and who could be scared of a Ralph!). The dogs were invited in to sniff around for awhile (I'm ignoring the fact that the mouse probably gained entry into the house by parading past my two senile dogs).

I've got to run and call the pest man and see about some more live traps, but if you have a memorable moment please share it!!

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