Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

Flies, flies everywhere around here. When the weather starts to get cooler the flies go into a frenzy mode gathering wherever it is warm, especially my kitchen!! We have been known to kill some fifty flies in mere minutes ( okay, maybe not that quickly but close!). My hubby has a terrific way to catch these pesky insects inside. He gets out the shop vac and sucks them up with the hose. It works great and no fly guts to clean off the walls and counters! The method is simple, just slowly sneak up on fly with hose and the closer you get the vacuum causes the little rascals to hold on for dear life making it easy to suck them up. Just take vacuum far away from house to dump just in case any have survived:) Also, for outside around doors these little traps work wonders. I got ours at our local feed store.

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Anonymous said...

I watched as hubby cleaned up the flies with the shop vac. Worked really well. Very inventive thinking! I can see a market for such an invention--an over-the-shoulder fly catcher?? Humane also!