Sunday, October 14, 2007

One for the Team

I am happy to report that my Alma Mater won a very important football game yesterday against a certain maroon team. Little One is posing with the pumpkin I won at the silent auction at our church's fall carnival.

Now, I don't want to give anyone the impression that my team is better than yours and I certainly won't be unsportsmanlike and throw words by a certain running back in your face. Nor, will I discuss the play that took our quarterback to the ground and got my team fired up. Because this is football and it is what it is. But......

I have to mention the two hilarious men that had to carry my silent auction items out to the car this morning. Neither one of them wanted to touch the pumpkin, yes you guessed it they are Aggies. I really thought it was funny and laughingly told them they better watch out because I had a camera in the car and I might just snap a picture of them with it. I swear I saw a tear in the poor man's eye that got stuck carrying it. Then I noticed he was carrying it upside down! Really, now. Then he covered up the logo and put the backside of the pumpkin out first. The other man commented "yeah, put the good side out". Okay, if my children hadn't have been with me and I wasn't at my church, and I was a few years younger I guarantee I would have had some choice words for these men. But, I am happy to report I just smiled and when we got to my car and I reached for my camera I had a very, hearty laugh as I watched the two men run away from my car as if they were about to be bitten.

Really, it's just a game right? :)


Sasha said...

LOL - not to men it aint! Little One is looking very sweet there!

pflat said...

Yea for Tech! Poor Lauren! Bad day at Black Rock for them.