Monday, October 8, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

Here is my second edition of Memorable Moment Monday(I changed the name from meaningful to memorable, but I think it's one in the same!). Anyone feel free to join in!

We are preparing for our first annual Great Pumpkin Patch Party. So last week we went out and bought ourselves a huge 20.00 pumpkin. This pumpkin easily weighs more than myself and with my husband on crutches it was up to me to get it out of the car. I used a wheelbarrow and hauled it over by our front walk. Carefully, I tipped it and was able to roll the pumpkin out. Sounds easy right? Well, we decided we should take it to the pumpkin patch to take a picture of it with the girls for our party invite. So I had to get the pumpkin from where I took this picture to way over there on the other side of that mesquite tree where the ray of sunlight is hitting.
There was no way I could pick the pumpkin up to put back in the wheelbarrow, so Em and I decided to roll it. After a couple rolls we realized the pumpkin was picking up prickly burrs from the yard. These are nasty little things that we discovered are all over out here and they stick to anything. From here our pumpkin move pretty much went down hill, literally. On the next roll Em got a burr stuck in her hand and let go. It was teetering on the slope of our lawn. The slope that drops down about 30 yards to the street. I'm not sure if any of you have seen a 200 + pound pumpkin roll down a hill, but I'm here to tell you it picks up momentum. I knew at that moment the only way to save the day (or pumpkin) was to sacrifice myself. With an audible groan I threw myself in front of the racing orange vegetable. As it struck my shins I fell forward with both hands and grimaced as I felt a thousand (maybe just a couple dozen) stingy needles pierce my palms. The runaway pumpkin ground to a halt as I glanced up the hill at the faces of my daughters. Their horror turned to cheers until they caught a glimpse of my hands and legs. "Owwwww", they both whispered. I was covered in burrs. They gingerly tried to help me remove the stinging thorns as I laughed through my tears.

And finally, this time with gloves, we got the great pumpkin to the patch. Here's the picture:

You will notice Little One is absent from photo. This is because she got stuck sitting inside with Dad, who could not move, until we came and rescued them! She was not in the mood for a picture.


Sasha said...

Oh that is classic - what a story to recount at so many Halloweens to cdme - "do you remember the time I was crushed by a massive runaway pumpkin??"

MaddieLynn said...

Funny! Have you seen on MommyLife that Chicken Soup for the Stay at Home Mom's Soul is looking for stories to publish? This would be perfect for that! Copy and paste this into your browser to get there:

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

That was me!

Kara said...

Thanks Maddielynn! I will have to do that! Connie I've seen you pregnant and in no way do you resemble a pumpkin!!:)