Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brrrrr, It's cold!

The cold front came through early. We are sitting amongst icicles here on Cotton-Top Hills. Yesterday's fog never lifted leaving the temperatures hovering around freezing for most of the day. We're supposed to get more ice/snow in the next couple of days, yippee... In with the cold another relative of Ralph's came visiting.
From the blurry eyed glance I got of it, in the late night hours, as it scampered across my hall it looked more like a member of a larger rodent family. Hubby says no, no it just a mouse. He of course did not see the varmint as it danced circles in my hall. Those performances are reserved just for me apparently. As the ice pelted the nursery window I told myself it was very charitable of me to share my house with this creature who would surely freeze outside. And I welcomed Soph as she curled up with me as I nursed Little One because I knew her loud snoring would keep Clyde (hubby named this one) at bay. And, yes, today we are vacuuming and straightening like crazy around here hoping to stir Clyde out of hiding. Hubby put fresh peanut butter in the trap and we'll see if Clyde reappears.
Okay, I realize that some of you may be tired of my rodent updates, but hey, it is our excitement around here!
I'll try to post some weather pics later for those of you basking in the sun down south, some of you are even at the beach!

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Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Guilty of being at the beach! Gotta love tropical North Queensland. But I would actually love to be back in snow and cold again. The grass is always greener...... (or the snow is always whiter??)