Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Snowing Again and Tonsils

Well, another cold front blew through and it is snowing again. Em is off to sleep over at a friends and Soph, Little One, Hubby and I are trying to keep warm. Soph had her pre-op appt. today for her tonsillectomy on Monday.
I nodded and smiled as the nurse told me the do's and do not's before and after surgery. I watched as my hubby left the room to go to the bathroom as the nurse began to speak. I listened to how I'm supposed to keep my five year old quiet and calm for two weeks. I shoved the fussing baby in my hubby's arms when he returned and motioned for them to leave the room. The nurse began to go over the risks of bleeding and what to do if she started to bleed. Gurgle with very cold water for ten minutes. Check if bleeding has stopped, if not go to ER. I said I understood the difference between a lot of blood and a little. Vomiting blood would be a significant amount I was told. Um, hmm. Yes, she'll be given something for pain. Expect her to hit a wall on the third to fifth day with the pain. That will be the worst time for her, just keep giving meds. Around the clock, give meds. Um, hmm,....okay. Drink lots of fluids, don't let her sleep too much. Okay. Her tonsils on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the largest, are a 3+. Yes, quite large for such a little lady. Oh, don't worry she'll get a "cocktail" before going into surgery. Rest assured she will wave goodbye as she is wheeled off without any anxiety. And on and on we went. Any questions? Umm, can I get one of those "cocktails"?

And just so you know as my sweet Sophie got poked to have her blood drawn she was very brave in a 'you better hold me down before I scratch the nice nurse's eyes out' sort of way. She cried and screamed when it was all over. Why? Because she was mad at me for letting them stick a needle all the way into her skin. I let them poke a hole in her arm. And I was forbidden to talk to her for a good 30 minutes.

But, we will get through this and you know why I know this? Because for one, God is watching over us and hearing our prayers. And two, because my Momma will be here :)


At Pat's Place said...

This too shall pass? Well, I guess it will not be that simple, but know that we will be praying for you and thinking about you.

Oopsie Dazie said...

Hi! Between my two kids, we've been through ear tubes, adenoids out, and two sinus surgeries. I know where you are emotionally right now, and you are right, you will get through this with God's help. Your family will be in our prayers! =)

Kara said...

Thank you! Your prayers mean a lot to us.