Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Make Your House An Idol

A new friend of mine recently said something to me that I have latched onto. She said, referring to her newly built home, I will not make my house my idol.

That is good advice. Don't you know people who do this? The state of their home rules every living moment. To the point they can't relax or let their kids play. I remember next door neighbors of ours when we lived in Virginia who literally lived in their basement because the mother didn't want the kids to mess up her house. I got to walk through part of it once. All I can remember is white shag carpets (yes I am dating myself), huge gold colored vases, more white this time the furniture and I think several pictures of Elvis on the wall. This was definitely more of a shrine than a home. Kind of like the houses you went to where all the furniture was covered in plastic (really not a bad idea when you have sticky fingered toddlers running around, ahem)!

At this point if my hubby is reading this he's going to think this is just another excuse to not do housework... But really no. Everyone likes a tidy, clean house. I think the point is that things will spill, get broken, fall apart, etc. and you need to just take it with a grain of salt. A home full of love and happiness beats a dust and smudge free house any day.

So don't make your home an idol. That's all I have to say:)


Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

I have a fridge magnet which reads "Dull women have perfect houses". Sums it up for me, really!!

Kara said...

Sasha that is great, I need to find me one of those:)

Anonymous said...

Kara, you are so right. I have been bothered that my normal "housecleaning day" has been put off for 2 days and I feel ughhhh. I need to remember that it WILL get done and the reason why it has been put off is because I am tending to my precious family that is sick and needs ME more than a spotless house. Thank you!