Monday, December 3, 2007

Memorable Moment Monday

Sunday evening December 2nd, my birthday, we are at the hotel frantically getting ready after a quick trip to Old Navy to find the girls some scarves and mittens (along with 3 pair of jeans, 2 long sleeved shirts, a top for me, and a vest jacket). Hubby looks great in his black suit as he will be going to a fancy dinner thingy on campus with his Spirit Scholar.

Finally, we all pile into car with hubby's parents following us. Plan is to take Christmas card picture on campus with lighted campus behind us. By the time we get to our destination two kids are almost asleep and the temperature is rapidly dropping while the wind speed is increasing. And guess what the lights aren't on!! We quickly decide to take pics by lit University seal. Click, click. Hurry run to car to drive to stairs by giant wreath thats lights are still not on. Run, run. Soph get hair out of your eyes, Em take your hands out of babies face, smile. Click, click.

Little One begins to cry. Too cold. Run back to car. Baby in car seat, doors closed, heat on..sigh... Flicker, Flicker on come the lights. Hubby and I begin to laugh, girls look out window in awe. Hubby looks at me, I look at him. Turn off car, get fussing baby, hurry girls up the stairs. Mother-in-law snaps one pic. Battery dead.

Fiddlesticks, fiddlesticks!!

Do you have a moment like this?


Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

Funny, but frustrating! Do I have moments like this? Hmmmm... only every other day!

I didn't realize your birthday was the same as Jackson's! Happy Birthday!

Heading to the Dr. now....

Kara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! what a crazy night lol :D And not only do we have the same name but our birthday's are only 9 days apart, mine is the 11th :D

Mo said...

Unfortunately, I have many days like that LoL...hope things leveled out for ya, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!