Monday, December 10, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

I am so late with today's post but determined to get it done. I still haven't posted any pics, but well, that would take much more energy than I have at the moment!

My moment came early this morning as I tried to hurry the girls along as they got ready for school. Clyde was caught last night and was shaking his trap loudly, one reason for the lack of sleep, in the hall. The girls wanted to see him, to which I responded, "If you hurry I'll let you let him go."
Let me just tell you that they were ready in record breaking time. Em very carefully carried the trap down the stairs and out to the car. She bravely held it on her lap as we drove to the park. I think I mentioned once or twice that she needed to hold on tight so the lid didn't come off and let the mouse go in the car. Can you imagine?
Both girls got out and set Clyde free. He made a quick get-away and we were off. The neat thing was the pride Em and Soph took on letting this little creature go. They chatted about Ralph and Clyde all the way to school.
Anyway, it was memorable and I'm glad they found joy in it. Alright, off to bed with my tired self!


Anonymous said...

What, no comments on Clyde's monstrous size?

Anonymous said...

I have a suspicion that Ralph and Clyde might now know their way across the creek and up the hill to your house? Or even that Clyde might, in fact, be Clydette and will get together with Ralph to produce a whole troop of little ones to invade your upstairs? Just a thought to discuss with the girls...

Kara said...

Great, just what I need... okay so Clyde was a tiny mouse, must have been his large shadow I saw!