Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been Tagged

I am interrupting my Civil Servant story because I've been tagged! My blogging friend Amy has tagged me and I'm supposed to tell you six things about myself you might not know so here it goes.

1. I have an intense fear of driving over high bridges. I suffer from many dreams where I'm driving along and suddenly the bridge breaks or stops mid-air and I plunge to the water below. I have now developed this fear when driving over those super high overpasses. You know the ones that converge in about ten overpasses stacked on top of each other. My hubby understands this fear, bless his heart, and will always go to the inside lane of the bridge to help alleviate my anxiety.

2. I find it difficult to breathe on crowded elevators. The fear is we will get stuck and there will be too many people trying to breathe my air! I fear getting stuck on an elevator, but I could handle it much better if there are only a couple people on it with me. Hmm, I'm starting to sound a little anxious aren't I?!!

3. I once went to confession (as a young child) and had a grumpy priest tell me I had better learn the order of things better before I came back. Yes, you can confess your sins badly apparently. Anyway, the whole thing scarred me and I now dread going to confession, in fact, I usually don't! Then at the same church, while having foot races with a group of kids in the parking lot with the priest, I actually won a race and I was so excited, I never win. This priest told me I cheated because I started before the whistle....the humiliation... and to this day I hate to run, in fact, I don't! (well, that is my excuse)

4. I see dead people. No, not really I just always wanted to say that:)

4. Okay, that last one didn't count so I'll try another. I am really a very upbeat, funny, and usually optimistic person. Did you all know that about me? Hubby is afraid I might sometimes come across as being very grumpy on this site and a complainer. He hopes you all can see through that and see the real me.

5. I love to be pampered. When I do get the chance to have pedicure( I discovered these not to long ago!) is so very relaxing and so is just having my hair done. Recently, hubby watched all three kids for a morning so I could drive to my old home town to have my hair done and some other maintenance. It was sheer bliss!!

6. I looovvveee fresh basil. The sweet smell wafting on the breeze as I brush past my plants in the garden. Ohhhh, some hand picked cherry tomatoes with torn basil drizzled with olive oil and a little sea salt. And if you really want to kick it up some fresh mozzarella. Heaven, I tell you, pure heaven.

7. Okay, I am adding an extra one since I started off a little grumpy, maybe hubby is right, shhh don't tell him! I love to work outside. Whether it's building a fence, digging up a flowerbed, or planting a garden. And if I can do this with my husband it's just pure joy. Actually, anything I do if I can do it with him makes it twice as fun:) (except shopping!)

Oh, I'm tagging my Aussie pal Sasha, my mother-in-law Pat, and MaddieLynn!


Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

I have that same fear of overpasses! My hands get all sweaty and I panic! What's weird is that I used to drive on them every day. Now, when we go back home to visit, I dread those things!

And!! And!! Did you know that I was once in an elevator on my way to the 20th floor by myself when it fell? Then I was trapped until someone pried open the doors and rescued me. It was between floors so they had to pull me out! True story!

Kara said...

Connie, that is terrible. You have good reason to never get in an elevator again!!

Amy D said...

I have to say.... I think you are pretty funny... "I see dead people?"
I love randomness! :)

Maybe you can give me some gardening pointers... I would looove some fresh basil. I have tried growing herbs several times and they never make it past one tall, lonely stalk. Hmmm.

Fun post!

fairenuff said...

#4 (the real #4). Yes, I see it. You are not a grump!

I am responsible for tagging Amy and now I am hooked (cheers Amy) to your blog so please continue the civil servant story before I explode! LOL