Monday, January 28, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday

This weekend Em celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation. She has been preparing for this since Baptism, but more specifically she has been studying intensely for the last couple of months. She passed her "interview" with our Priest last week. I am so proud of her. I did not go through this until I was in 8th grade. I still wish they would wait until the children are older, but the Church did not ask me, imagine that! Anyway, my sister, Kim came in to be her sponsor and we had a wonderful weekend. The girls were thrilled to have their aunt come stay for a couple of nights.

Here we all are!
How about you, do you have any memorable moments to share?

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Anonymous said...

Mom I'm glad you put me in your blog.Ilove you!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!Oh,and I am your child too.
love 1 out of 3 of your kids,