Monday, January 21, 2008

Memorable Moments Monday

This week has been full of memorable moments, some not so pleasant, so I ask myself should MMM be just happy moments are should we include the more challenging ones? Life is made up of all kinds of moments, so I've concluded that MMM can showcase some of my more down and out moments. But the optimist in me wants to always try to end things on an upbeat note so for this MMM I'll start off with a down moment and end with a happy one!

Many of my not so happy moments have occurred recently with my five year old. This sweet, sweet child, who gave up her being the youngest status when Little One was born. This year she has been plagued with sickness and it has made the school year very difficult. Now that her tonsils are out we hope to turn the corner with her health, but before she was able to get on her feet she came down with stomach virus. Needless to say, she really has a hard time going to school. She seems to think it is a form of torture that I put her through by making her go. So this morning instead of getting out of the car with her sister in the carpool line she refused to budge. I, having not had the chance to brush my teeth this morning not to mention the subfreezing temperatures that I didn't want to drag the baby out into, told her I was not going to get out of the car and walk her in. Here begins the battle of wills, we do this often. So I pulled up out of the way of the line of cars, went around to her door, dragged her out and to the door. I tried to get her to give me a hug and kiss and whispered something like you don't want to be embarrassed in front of everybody by me dragging you into school. Her feet seemed to be made of concrete as we stood struggling in the threshold of the entryway. Finally, I pried her fingers off my arms long enough to give her a gentle push into the building and quickly closed the door and ran, I mean walked away. I did sneak a peak at her through the window as she hesitantly walked towards her classmates. She was wiping her face and I knew there were tears and it took every ounce of strength I had to let her go. Instead of running after her I said a quick prayer that God would watch over her and that she would know how much her mother loves her. Then I jumped into my car, soothed the screaming Little One, and drove home.
That's my I'd rather forget moment.

Now for a little happiness. Yesterday, Little One at full speed crawled on hands and knees across the floor! She has been doing the sit on rear, lean as far forward as possible and maybe scoot her bottom a couple inches before sitting back up move. This usually gets her from point A to point B, but it takes the better point of an hour. And who are we kidding she never stays interested in playing on the floor for more than ten minutes at a time. Yesterday, Em had a toy she wanted and without even hesitating she got up on all fours and took off. Yes, she just took off. Crawled for a good six feet without stopping....We're moving now!!

So what's your memorable moment?


At Pat's Place said...

Tough times! If it makes you feel any better, I remember leaving her dad screaming and crying at Mother's Morning Out and coming back to find that he had cried the whole time. Sigh! He did outgrow that stage!

Anonymous said...

Even those "difficult" moments are memorable! I remember a bunch of them and can laugh now--looking back, but not at the time.

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Awww, hope that she gets happier at school as her health improves. Go Little One! Isn't it amazing to see them leap up a stage?? Naomi took her first tottering steps last Saturday - the day before she turned 1. Her Daddy was thrilled!