Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday Backwards Addition

I'm taking another little break from posting my Love Story Part 3 to join in WFMW Backwards Edition. This is where we ask the question and all you helpful bloggers get to chime in with your answers.

So here's my question ...How do you tell your kids to deal with bullies? They are not always the big, scary kids, sometimes they are the petite, my mom curls my hair every morning and irons my designer dress, and I'm just five variety. We know both kinds around here.

I can't wait to hear your tips!

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Anonymous said...

We had an issue on the school bus where this little kid would just tease my 4th and 2nd grader. My kids told him that their daddy knows where his daddy lives and if he does it again their daddy will go over to his house and tell his daddy. It worked great.


The Fritz Facts said...

We are just going through this with my step son. There was a couple children who have given him a hard time in the past few weeks, and we finally went to the principal.
Schools and buses have strict bully policies, and will enforce them if they witness the issues. If you bring it to their attention they will make a point to be in the areas the bullying is taking place.
We did this with my step son, and once the principal saw what was happening he put a stop to it quickly. Their job is to educate, but also to have save place for your child.
It is sad that it happens at such a young age now as well. A 5 year old in my dautghers class was being picked on, and teacher worked very hard to eliminate the situation, and it worked.
Hope this helps at least a little.

Robin said...

My son is in first grade and when a classmate was starting in on him we went straight to the teacher. She moved the other kid up next to her desk (he's already had issues with many other children) and is keeping a very close eye on things. He's now leaving my son alone. Oh, and the stupid trading cards that were the source of the friction have now been banned school-wide - YAY!

Kristin said...

Shannon posted last year about how her husband helped their son deal with a bully. It's a great story.

Ritergal said...

One of our sons was a bit small for his age, and subject to both physical and verbal bullying from a huge neighbor kid. Talking to the principal helped only a little with the school part. We signed our son up for Tae Kwan Do. I don't know if it was the increased confidence or what, but that seemed to help.

He is now the father of a son the age he was then, and remembers things rather differently. Surprise!

In general, I feel quite helpless about the topic of bullying. I experienced it as a child and my mother was clueless, so I didn't have much to go on when it was my turn to help my kids. Thank goodness my children seem to have learned a few things and I don't think my grandchildren have such a tough time.

Thank goodness schools have become aware, and bullying is in the spotlight. There's hope for the future!