Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday... Drinking Water and Caffeine

Okay, I would rather have a soda than drink water. It is my weakness, I admit it!! But my dh and my very healthy, nutritionist sister try to keep me on the right track. Did you know that for every caffeine filled drink you have you need to have an equal amount of water to rehydrate your system and that is on top of the eight glasses or so of water you need!

So as far as the caffeine goes I drink caffeine-free Coke. (Not diet, don't get me started on that poison!!) I'm used to it after all my pregnancies and having to give up caffeine. I think the taste is fine. For coffee I drink either straight decaf or I mix half regular coffee beans with half of the decaf.

Now my trick with the water is this. I try to drink a full bottle as soon as I get up, before coffee, breakfast etc. It really helps me feel refreshed, especially if I've gotten a little dehydrated. We keep cold water bottles in our garage fridge so they are easy to grab. (we try to reuse or recycle the bottles for numerous crafts, but some do end up in the landfill, I'm sorry) My girls drink lots of water this way too, because there is no pouring or "please get me down a cup" asking. And with the water bottles I can keep track of how much I've had.

The trick for me is cold water and to drink it fairly fast. Plus, it helps to fill your tummy when you might be tempted to grab a salty snack instead (I would never do that...okay I would). Don't forget to drink plenty of water in the winter, you still need it even though you don't always feel like you do (I was channeling dh with that statement).

So there's my public health announcement for the day! For more great tips head over to Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer!


fairenuff said...

Now I feel guilty for drinking tea and diet coke by the gallon!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. I've had about 32 0zs. of coffee today. So I need 64 ozs of water to get even. Then I need another 64 ozs of water for the daily requirement. Because of my EP problem I don't drink water after 8 p.m. Just remembered I have a class from 7-8p.m. I better get started on the water. I might overdose ! Gramp

Kara said...

Dad, don't float away!! Samantha, don't feel quilty we all do it:) Water is not nearly as fun to drink as the other stuff!