Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He doesn't change dirty diapers without gagging

but he does just about everything else. WB is my Renaissance Man, and I feel very blessed to have found him.
Do you ever wonder what or where you would be if you were swept back in time and plopped down in some far away land? Come on, don't you? Okay, well, I do. Like say... medieval times. Everyone loves castles and knights, right? Well, here is one thing I am sure of, that as long as I was with WB we would survive. I probably wouldn't be too keen on chamber pots or the whole "let's just bathe every full moon" kind of thing, but I probably wouldn't have to worry because if I were with WB he would figure out a way for me to have indoor plumbing, complete with bath and toilet. We'd be able to eat because he's the type that knows how to survive on what the land has to offer.
I know that if I had to rely on my sewing skills or my singing voice to get by, I would be kicked out of the kingdom for sure. But I figure WB would be so invaluable to the King others would forgive my lack of womanly arts. I could just befriend everyone with my wit and charm (I'm telling you I could, really!). WB could wow everyone with his intellect and amazing ability to create things, whether it be a fortress or a rocking horse for his child. And if he was the King's right hand man he wouldn't have to bother with changing dirty diapers anyway. Heck, maybe I'd have some sort of lady's maid for that sort of thing and I wouldn't have to either...just saying.
What about you...how would you survive a trip in time?!!


Edi said...

Well my dh was raised on a farm - so he definitely would be able to do some agricultural stuff if we are back in time.

He's a Mr. Fix-It...he'd much rather find a solution to a problem with what we have rather than to go and buy something to solve the problem.

He'd be mighty handy to have on my side in the 1800s...he's also got a strong work ethic and doesn't give up easily.

Hmmm now what would I do for my part in the 1800s???

Kara said...

Edi it sounds like our husbands are very alike. And I guess we'd survive because well we'd have thier support. I'm sure we'd come up with something to help out:)

Pat's Place said...

And Em could do the knitting and Soph could do the sewing. Let's see, Little One could supervise, so it might work with you charming all the people around the kingdom.