Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treating

Last night we had a blast taking the girls trunk or treating at our friends church. They had tons of cars giving out candy, hay maze, hay rides and hot chocolate. We got so much candy the girls bags were not big enough. My dear friend Kendra had Soph dump her loot into her purse so Soph could continue getting you think we got enough?!!

One of the most exciting parts of the evening was when Kendra's hubby flew over and landed his helicopter right in the parking lot. He flies the Life Star helicopter for one of our hospitals. WB got a thrill by being able to fly back with him to the hospital. He loved it, even though he has his single engine pilots licence, he had to admit that at first it was a little unnerving. Because in the 'copter you sort of feel like you're just hanging out there in mid-air, unlike in the cabin of an airplane. But once they got going all was good and he thought it was awesome. Little One had a bit of a fit when her Daddy jumped in and the blades started turning. She let out a loud, "DAAAADDDYYYY". She watched with trepidation as it lifted off into the air and waved as it flew over head. But the whole way to the hospital to pick him up she kept calling for him until she finally fell asleep.

Soph dressed up as a genie in the costume my parents brought back from Turkey, and Little One as a Panda Bear.
Em as a "Mad Scientist", she was a genie earlier in the week, but you know we can't wear the same costume twice!

Little One in her Panda outfit.

The girls with our friends and the helicopter!


Pat's Place said...

What fun! The girls look so BIG and so cute! And what fun for WB!

Overwhelmed! said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic Halloween! :)

So, I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting the “Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style” recipe exchange again this year, on 7 November. I hope you can join me and if you’re willing to help me spread the news, I’m offering a giveaway as well!

fairenuff said...

Oh My Goodness, your children are so cute and they look so funny in their costumes. We need more costume photos!