Monday, November 3, 2008

MMM- Get Your Guns UP!!

My most memorable moment, of course, came watching my alma mater Texas Tech beat No. 1 Texas on national television. We were actually supposed to be at the game in Lubbock, but due to some unforeseen circumstances were not able to go. All the girls were asleep before the 2nd half so it was probably a good thing we weren't there.

Before the game started we all said a prayer for the safety of the players, both teams to play thier best and above all good sportsmanship. This is a good way to start a game for two reasons: it teaches my children that we can pray for both sides (both are important in God's eyes) and the second reason is a purely selfish one. You see when the game starts I sort of turn into a crazy, umm.. avid fan. I've mellowed some over the years, but I still get very excited. So at times during the game you may see me with hands clinched saying a "Hail Mary". Or I may be uttering "Oh please God" over and over as I roll around on the floor. By praying before the game the children realize that praying and football go together. So when they see me raise my hands to the heaven above and ask for a "divine intervention" on a fourth down, they just respond by saying "Oh, mom's just praying again". See how that works?

I managed to scare Little One with my cheering. She'd look at me with such a startled look on her face like she wasn't sure if she should flee or start screaming. I would quickly reassure her by saying "Get your guns up". She would smile and wave her little "guns" in the air. Whew!

Needless to say we managed to be ahead the entire game until the last 1:29 seconds. Let me just say a quick "I'm so sorry honey" to WB. I believe he still has the bruises on his arm where I took a hold of him!

We declared Sunday Red and Black day here at Cotton-Top Hills. These pictures were taken before church.

That was my memorable moment for this Monday...what's yours?


Pat's Place said...

Well, uhhhh, with both red and orange blood coursing through my veins, I was glad for Tech but so sorry for UT! Unfortunately, we had to go pick up a friend at the airport and missed the whole middle of the game, came back in time to see Tech leading. Then a neighbor knocked on the door and had a problem, so I left for the next few minutes to come back and find that UT had won, almost. Then my sister called and said that Tech had won. Boy! Was I confused!! I did not know whether to get my guns up or my hook 'em horns up! Those are cute guns up in that picture!

Kara said...

Thanks! Yes, the end of the game was exciting...Tech was true to it's form of last minute upheavel.

Anonymous said...

Texas Tech is just lucky they dont' have to play the MIGHTY BALL STATE FIGHTING CARDINALS... Fiercest of the robin-sized birds...