Monday, November 24, 2008

MMM- Thanksgiving History According to Soph

Soph is my 6 year old who is loving, sensitive, and has a wonderful imagination coupled with an extensive vocabulary. For several days she has been recounting stories of pilgrims, Indians, and Christopher Columbus. The following conversations are her recounting of historical events, because I'm sure we all need to brush up on the story of Thanksgiving before Thursday.

Soph's voice drifts forward from the very back of the mini-van, "Christopher Columbus was Spanish, and so that means he came from Mexico. He landed on a rock...Plyy....., what was it called again? (I tell her Plymouth) Oh, yes Plymouth rock. Now, they didn't have airplanes back then so he must of come in on a parachute. (I ask what he jumped from then?) Some high place I guess."

A day or so later:

(Again in the car) "So the pilgrims ate fish (looking at her little sister) you may want to put this out of your mind, and deer. (Little One views all deer as her pets since they visit our yard nightly). It was cold and they were starving and the Indians shared their food. The Indians lived in big round houses and they let the Pilgrims live with them.


"Remember that big rock. Well it cracked and the Pilgrims tried to glue it back together with concrete. It didn't work and they took pieces of it to build a gate in town."

Even later:

"The pilgrims came over on a ship called the Mayflower. It was about as long as a football field. They didn't have bathrooms so they used buckets. When it was full they yelled, "Bucket is full!" and the maids came and dumped it over the side, into the ocean. A lot of them got sea sick and well it just wasn't a very pleasant trip."

Later still:

"I don't think the pilgrims even ate turkey which leads me to believe we eat turkey on Thanksgiving because we want to, not because the pilgrims did!"

Disclaimer: The above is a history lesson given by a six year old and all historical data should be checked for accuracy.


Pat's Place said...

I can just hear that conversation coming from the far back seat in your car. I laughed, I chuckled, I giggled. Great story! I am so glad you are recording their stories. You may have a book there!

Anonymous said...

As a historian I approve...

Karen said...

That's hilarious!!!! Beautiful photo of Soph, by the way ...