Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To Those who served...

Happy Veteran's Day!
I have a secret to share with you...I cried off and on all day on November 5th. You want to know why? Because I was scared to death what the new elected President might do to this country and all the men and women who have fought for our freedom and constitutional rights, and are still fighting. Okay, then my liberal friends told me to get a grip..."how could it be worse" they said. Then my conservative friends said..."we will survive, we still have a voice". So I sucked it up, dried my tears, and told myself that this country has made it through all sorts of difficulties and our constitution has remained intact. So it is fitting that today I salute all those veterans who have helped to shape and mold this country, many did so under some very similar uncertain times. I must give special thanks to those family members who over this country's history stood up for what they believed in and defended it. You helped to shape and mold me as well!

To my Great, great, great grandfather Lear, thanks for taking a stand and fighting for your beliefs in the Civil War. If you only knew what history you were making, history that would change this country forever.

To my Gramp who fought for the Army during WWII. How foreign the land must have looked as you served in the China Burma India Theater as a young man from Indiana/Kentucky!

To my Great Uncle Johnny and Great Uncle Jimmy. Uncle Johnny, I can only imagine what it was like to fly your B-29 over the vast Pacific during WWII. Great Uncle Jimmy, just what was going through your head as you watched your fellow soldiers and friends fall during the Battle of the Bulge, yet you fought on for your country.
I loved listening to your war stories as a kid and adult, and greatly miss your presence at family gatherings, but your stories will be passed down, I promise.

To my Dad who signed up for the Army Reserves, even with Vietnam lurking in the background.

To my Uncle Roger who served in the Navy as a young man.

To my Uncle Bill, who graduated from Westpoint and went on to serve several tours in Vietnam. Thank you for continuing to serve you country for many years until you retired with three stars on your shoulder.
To my Uncle Tom for his time in the Air Force Reserves, that actually brought him across the country to what is now my hometown, during his basic training.

For WB's little brother, Mark, who left high school and went straight into the Coast Guard. Good to know you were defending our coast!

To Cousin Brian, who currently serves this country as an Army officer. Thank you for your continued dedication.

And finally to WB, my hubby. He wanted the Air Force to be his career, for serving honorably until God's insistent calling eventually pulled him in another direction.

What about you? Who would you like to thank on this Veteran's Day? And don't forget to say a prayer for those defending our country at this very moment.


Anonymous said...

My dad who served in the Navy for 22 years including volunteering for two cruises to Vietnam

My uncle, who even though he wasn't a citizen joined the Army and rode in tanks in Europe...

My sister who served as a corpsman in the Navy... I'll even thank my asshole ex-brother in law who was in the Navy with her...

Amy said...

What a great post! My dad was in the army during vietnam too... it ended shortly before he would have gone, praise the Lord.

I get so teared up and sentimental about our country and our military. I think Nov. 5 was a hard day for a lot of people. Thanks for sharing!