Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to School

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. Em started second grade and Soph had her first day of kindergarten. It was an exciting moment. A year ago I thought I'd be taking my two girls off to start a new school year and I would be gearing up to go back to work. Funny how life gives us little detours along the way, or as I like to say "God signs"! Instead, my two oldest are off to school and I am at home in a new house with an almost five month old...Wow, that was not the plan. But what a great time I am having with a new baby and being able to watch my two oldest as they venture into a new school year. ( I even checked yes in the box to be home room mom)
Em, of course, was excited to start school and make new friends. She will venture forth in life, knowing few strangers and absorbing hungrily whatever is put in front of her with very little hesitation. She seems to embrace her surroundings whatever they may be.
Now Soph on the other hand is a little more reluctant to take on new situations. She clings to routine and "the way things were". She has said that she doesn't need to make new friends because she has plenty where we used to live. She looks warily at new surroundings and would rather flee than stay and see what it has to offer. Don't get me wrong though, she loves to learn, just like her sister, but she goes about it in her own way. After meeting her teacher and seeing her classroom last week she was excited about going to a new place. Monday morning as I walked her down the long, wide hallway to her classroom I watched as she began to slowly wilt with each step we took. By the time we reached her room she was clinging to the backs of my legs. Needless to say I said my quick goodbye (recommended by the teacher) and Em and I left pushing the stroller as quickly as we could. Em was pretty sure that by the time we got to the end of the hallway she couldn't hear Soph screaming anymore!

I kept busy that day mailing packages for hubby and soothing a cranky baby. When I went to pick up the girls from school I found myself anxious to hear about their day. As Soph walked out she smiled and the first words out of her mouth were, "I made four (holding up four fingers) new friends!" Sweet music to my ears, I almost cried right there. "Praise the Lord, for He is good."
Em had a great day and upon picking her up her teacher exclaimed, "I love her! Could I please clone her?" Sigh, if only we could ( without the normal 7 year old hissy fits that is:) )
So today Soph had a slight hesitation (don't look too closely at the nail marks on my legs where some one had a pretty good death grip going on). Dad was out in the car and came in to nudge her off to class. Amazing how well that works for him! I'm anxious to see how this day went.
Oh, why is my hubby home? Because he has been hobbling around on an injured knee now for almost a week. He went to the doctor today who is sending him for an MRI Friday. No major damage that he can see, but a curious cyst on his knee bone that might need removing and whatever else the MRI shows. But, I think he will recover quickly!

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