Thursday, August 2, 2007

I love a rainy day!

There is just something about rainy days! Today was one of those days here in the Texas panhandle. Lulled by the gentle pattering of rain against my window I stayed in bed a little longer than usual. My newborn obviously felt the same way because she was content to be nursed and go back to sleep.

Our new house allows us to view the storm clouds as they roll in from the north. With my youngster's voracious appetite I found myself doing a lot of sitting and gazing out at the darkened sky. I'm constantly in awe of this amazing place and feel blessed that this is my home.

Years ago, seven to be exact, I would have spent the day curled up on the couch lost in the pages of a good book, but these days I try my best to keep restless children entertained. I usually go to my arts and crafts closet for inspiration. Sometimes hubby mistakes this pile of jewels and goodies as junk and refers to it as my junk closet. person's junk is another person's treasures. And it certainly comes in handy when you need to entertain the little ones!

Rainy days need to be enjoyed. So I give all moms a pass to ignore housework and errands on these days and just enjoy your children and maybe if you're lucky you'll get a chapter read out of that book that is collecting dust on your bedside table:)

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