Monday, August 6, 2007


Yesterday at church our priest was talking about death. Just the fact that we all are going to die and what are we going to leave behind. What did we do with our life? That got me to thinking about my life and what I can be proud of.

I'm proud to be a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, someones friend, a teacher to others. All of these things make me who I am. Not the size of my checking account, not my house, not the car I drive or the clothes I wear. Don't get me wrong I enjoy shopping for clothes and I enjoy having a nice house, but if that were all taken away from me I would still have the most precious things to me. I have the love of my husband, children and family. I have friends, true friends, that bless my life every day whether we haven't seen each other since college or whom I see every weekend. I belong to a church community that feeds my spirit and strengthens my soul.

When I meet my Maker I want to be able to say my life was full of love and blessings. That the hard times I endured were overcome by my faith in Him and by the love I was given by the people who meant the most to me. I hope to be able to say I made a difference in someones life. That my most valuable gifts are the ones I can hold in my heart, not in my hand. That is what
I hope I've done with my life.

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