Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't Mess With Texas

Here in Texas we have an ad campaign that says "Don't Mess with Texas", which means don't litter or you could be fined up to $500.oo. My kids know this, I know this, and I would think any Texan knows the slogan. So why is it that I see people clearly breaking the law every day?

For instance yesterday my children and I were sitting at Sonic eating away when a young woman, in her nice fancy Tahoe, pulled through the drive-through in front of us. We watched as she peeled the wrapper off her straw, and wait for it..., yes she threw the paper out the window. This was done in front of dozens of parked cars, which I'm sure contained people just like me that couldn't believe such an act had been committed. Now to add insult to injury just as she pulled away she flung one more piece of paper out her window!! My daughter exclaimed from the back seat, "She could have to pay $500.00 for that!". Unfortunately, there were no paper police around at the moment. But this raises the question of how are these people raised that it is okay to commit such an act?

My daughters and I speculated on this... Maybe she doesn't know what a trash can looks like? This comes from my 5 year old. Yeah, my seven year old chimes in, maybe she was raised in a house where they just threw the trash out the window. Or, I add, maybe her parents taught her to just throw her gum wrappers, apple cores, used napkins and such on the floor. The girls took this and ran... Yeah, maybe they lived in a house that you couldn't even see the floors because there was so much trash. Uh, huh and it started to get sooo stinky that they could barely breathe. Yep, and then the bugs came...ohhhh gross. So finally they just had to move to another house. Then what? I ask. Well, they just keep moving from house to house because they fill it up with trash. Yeah, and maybe now that lady lives in her nice car cause she ran out of houses and so now she throws her trash outside of her window because she doesn't want her car to fill up with trash, like her houses. Maybe you're right, I say. Silence.... then from my oldest, "Well, I hope she doesn't have a big family because if she does and they all act like that then they are going to fill the planet up with trash and we'll all have to find another planet to live on!"



kpottlitzer said...

cute! miss ya'll!

Liz said...

That slogan has been around for awhile. I remember growing up with it. It makes me miss home. We live on the West Coast now. i always wonder if those people just think that they are superior to the world.