Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

About a week ago Soph and I found a caterpillar munching on our dill plant out front. We looked it up on the Internet and determined it would turn into a painted swallowtail butterfly. We had an empty aquarium that we put the caterpillar in along with some dill weed and covered it with netting. Sure enough the next day it spun itself into a green chrysalis onto the side of the tank. Em was still away on her trip and when we told her about it she hoped she'd make it home before the butterfly emerged. Well, guess what? The butterfly emerged on the morning of Little One's baptism. Em and Soph released it and it climbed up onto our butterfly bush. It stayed around for most of the day drying its wings.

And just as the butterfly entered into a new stage of its life our Little One entered into one as well. She was welcomed into her church community through Baptism with her Godparents and most of our family watching. My sister and husband and two of Scott's brothers were not able to attend her Baptism mass, but everyone else was in attendance. It was a wonderful weekend filled with fun and family. It was fun to watch all the kids playing in our yard having a blast on the girl's playscape. Our lasagna was a hit and we had one full pan left over. Guess you know what we'll be having for dinner this week!

Everyone has gone home now so we're trying to get back into a routine before school starts!


kpottlitzer said...

sorry i couldn't be there! sounds like it was a big success!xo, kim

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

You all look great, but Little One looks like an absolute angel!