Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I've found that when I go out shopping that it is easier for me if I park by a cart return, even if that means I have to walk a little further. This way I can easily grab a cart, put my baby's car seat in (the less we have to lug those around the better!), and my other two girls can hold onto the cart as we walk through the treacherous parking lot. When leaving the store I can pop my kids in the car and not have to worry about where to return the cart. I just slip the cart back in the return, grab my kids and walk two steps to my vehicle.

I used to worry about leaving my kiddos in the car while I ran to return the cart. The one time I didn't return the cart and just left it next to my car a big gust of wind blew and knocked it into my car. I was glad I didn't damage another car, but now I always worry about that!

Head over to Rocks in my Dryer to check out more tips on making life a little easier.


ellen b said...

This is a genius idea. Good use of your mommy brain!

TracyMichele said...

I think you and I are the only two people on earth who do this. LOL. Those spots are always empty. No one wants to walk that far, I guess. haha. Great submission for WFMW!

Chappyswife said...

How funny! I do EXACTLY the same thing for EXACTLY the same reason! I also have a baby and two little ones to keep safe, and I used to worry about them when I returned the cart.

This is an excellent WFMW tip! I had to figure it out for myself, so maybe you are helping someone.

I am glad the music on my site blessed you. Nice to meet you. :0)

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Great idea!