Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did it Again!

Well, I missed my Memorable Moment Monday post again!!! We've had a busy last several of days with family in and Em's First Communion. It was a beautiful weekend and I will share lots of pictures and fun soon. But yesterday Soph was not feeling well, I believed she was just sad her Grandparents were all leaving that day. I got her off to school late only to have the nurse call a couple of hours later to tell me she was running a temp. of 101!! Poor thing. She slept most of the day and started running a temp of 103.8, yikes... After a call to the nurse last night we were finally able to get some Tylenol down her and her temp came down. She is still running a low grade temp this morning but feeling much better. So after I get done changing and cleaning bed linens, towels, pajamas and chasing after Little One, I will try to download some pictures from this weekend!!


Amy said...

Sounds like you're busy!

I just now got around to passing on the Excellent Blog Award that you awarded me in January. The post is up on my main blog today. Thanks!!

fairenuff said...

Oh no, hugs to Soph. Hope she makes a fast recovery and you get your linens clean!