Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

At the grocery store I let my kids pick the cereal they want for the next week or so. We've talked about sugar and how some cereals just have too much. For the most part my five and eight year old have figured out which cereals I will say yes to and which will get a big "no". But sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt because my favorite cereals growing up were Peanut Butter Crunch and that cereal with the little chocolate chip cookies. And I don't really remember my mom giving me a hard time about it. She did make me walk around the block for a hash brown, but that's another story.

Anyway, here's one tip: If your children like sugary cereals give them a bowl of vanilla (or their fav flavor) yogurt and sprinkle the top with the cereal. This way they are getting protein, calcium, and just a little of the sugary stuff. Great way to teach moderation!

Second tip: My five year old likes to pour her own cereal and sometimes we have half the box on the kitchen table and floor and just a little in the I put a scoop in the box and she scoops out her cereal instead of pouring it. This also helps her with how much cereal she knows she can eat. I use a scoop from my husbands protein powder or you could use a measuring cup.

Third tip: The pouring of milk...again a full gallon of milk is just asking to be spilled when little hands are pouring into the cereal bowl. I pour a little bit of milk into a glass measuring cup and this way they can pour the milk easily and it keeps them from having way too much milk in their bowl and wasting it!

Hope these tips help and head over to Shannon's for more!


Heart of Wisdom said...

Great Tips. Its nice to teach them moderation. Good Job MOM!

Pat's Place said...

Lots of wisdom in those suggestions. I remember that my grandmother had a pitcher shaped like a cow on the table for cereal. Wonder what ever happened to it? Perhaps I can find one for you. It was such fun to use the cow pitcher at her house.

The Fritz Facts said...

Those are great tips. My daughter must be a strange one, since she always picks out regular cheerios or raisin bran. My hubby on the other hand loves PEanut butter captian crunch. He is just a big kid himself!

Ellen said...

you can also use the sugary cereal as a topper for healthy cereal such as Cheerios or shredded Wheat.

Ellen in Texas