Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray...We Got Our New Counter Tops The Other Day!

In December we started looking at new counter tops for our kitchen. In February WB got his bonus and we ran down to Home Depot to pay for some silestone quartz counter tops. We had already picked the color, talked with the design person, decided on silestone instead of granite for its antimicrobial protection and kid friendly properties.
Since then we have had them measure and make a template, look surprised when what we paid was apparently a few hundred dollars short of what they wanted, argued over numbers and how to measure surface area (don't you know they love it when they see an engineer coming their way), waited on manager approval to waive the difference (they did and with an apology!), and finally they are in!!!
It took from 9:00 to 2:30 to get the job done, but yee haw it's finished. We went without counter tops for one day, without a sink for two, which meant no cooking for mom, yee haw squared.
Since you are dying to see it I'm sure, here are the pictures:

They were just laminate tops.


Then sarcastic WB asked if I was getting a good shot of his backside. I was trying to ignore his cute tush, but since he mentioned it.... Pioneer Woman did a post on Wrangler's and even though I thought it to be a nice piece, I prefer Wranglers on WB the most! Okay, sorry, back to the kitchen.

I love them and I especially love my new sink. It is nice and deep and wide and will hold my large casserole dishes. In fact, I could probably load up a majority of my dishes in this sink all at once...that could be dangerous! The sink was actually free, a promo they were running. Oh, and I love the high curved faucet and soap dispenser. I feel like a new woman!! We got a new range and microwave back in January and someday my noisy dishwasher will be replaced, but it still works so it might be awhile.
I plan on spray painting the hardware on the cabinets with a textured silver paint. I saw that on a home show once and it is a lot cheaper then new hardware. So we'll see how that goes. Oh, and I want some of those lights that hang down over the island. But for now I'm so happy with this and I'm happy it's paid for!!!


Smockity Frocks said...

I love the countertops. (No comment on WB.) We are planning to replace ours this summer. I may give you a call to get your advice.

Pat's Place said...

Hubby says to tell you that my envy is showing. NICE!!!!!! He says that WB's father should be as industrious as his son and I would have new countertops. I told him that it DID NOT happen overnight!

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

ooooh, they look fantastic! One day I will post a photo of my horrid bright blue laminate bench tops.... vut then again maybe not!!

fairenuff said...

Oooh, does WB's face match his posterior?! Hee hee!