Monday, April 21, 2008

Memorable Moment Monday (on Wednesday)

Being grateful and not taking things for granted.

Yep, that's my memorable moment for today. I realize I take so many things for granted from the little things to the big things. For the last month I've been having some health issues and to spare you the details let's just say I pretty much believed I had cancer or some other terrible disease. On Friday I saw a specialist and after some camera's were inserted into my body and I laid on a table that talked to me while moving around taking pictures of my insides as I was injected with dye that made me feel as if I wet my pants, I was given the clear. Praise the Lord!

One of my daughter's has been talking to me for months, telling me what is bothering her the best way she knows how and I have only been semi-listening! Then pow your world explodes into lots of little pieces and you suddenly realize you haven't been listening, really listening. And I'm grateful that I now know we have some work to do and that it will all be okay.

I take for granted that WB can fix or build just about anything around the homestead. While building some stairs up to our front door (he was moving heavy RR ties around by himself), he comes into the house and I know something is wrong. He tells me it's his knee...he had surgery on it in feels funny. So today we have a doctor's appt. and I pray all is well. But, if not, we are grateful for the months he had with no problems, he got a lot done!!

Each day is a gift, I'm trying not to take it for granted and being grateful for each moment!

***I'm grateful I finally finished this post after three days:)

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