Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday...Itty Bitty Book Lights

My tip for today is about Itty Bitty Book Lights, those little lights that clip onto the book you are reading. My sister gave one to Soph and Em last Christmas. They love them because they share a room and they can both crawl into bed and if one feels like reading and the other doesn't there are no arguments about turning off the lights, etc. Many nights they both use their lights as they read and when they get tired they turn off their own little light and are fast asleep in minutes. (The girls go to bed early enough on school nights that they have time to read for a little while)

Also, if one of your children wants a night light on and the other likes it dark these little lights can be clipped to the side of the kids bed and is just enough light for the one who is scared of the dark and not bother the one who likes the dark ( I always sneak in and turn it off once my child is asleep).

Anyway, if you have kiddos of varying ages who share rooms this little light might alleviate some nighttime arguments.

They're also great for the car when driving at night!

For more tips head over to Shannon's!


Anonymous said...

I love those little lights!

fairenuff said...

We've never had one of those sorts of lights. I was going to buy one the other day, a bigger version, but in the end I decided not to as we have so many gadgets and things that clutter the house. Our way of stopping night time frights is to have a dimmer switch and a princess lampshade. ta da! (doesnt help with reading though)

Smockity Frocks said...

I've been wanting a couple of those! Where do you get them?

kpottlitzer said...

i'm glad they use their lights! i wish i could say it was my clever idea to buy them :). this week has been busy so far, but i've been thinking about you guys. i dropped a card and small check in the mail for emma today, but i don't think it will leave till tomorrow. so, as per usual, it probably won't get to her till after the big event. i'll give ya'll a call this weekend. i hope everyone can stay healthy!