Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Bummer

So Em has been waiting until she turned 8 because when she's 8 she gets to enroll in the fencing class at the local college. Actually, the coach is nationally known and a young girl from here is the reigning champion. WB took her to a demonstration over a year ago and she was captivated. Now she is eight and registration started on the 1st. We've been so busy and I lost the class catalog until today. I hurriedly found the class and guess what, yep, it's full. All 18 spots in the beginning class is full, total bummer. I feel like I dropped the ball and am thinking of crawling under my bed for the rest of the day and sulking. I even called to make sure the computer wasn't lying, but the sweet lady said, "No, hon, it's full."

Poo, double poo...The bright side is they will offer the class again in the Spring and I will be at my keyboard first thing as soon as registration begins to get her enrolled.

Did I mention our washer went out. Yes, because I have loads of laundry and company is coming tonight. Isn't that always the way?!! But I found a deal last night and WB and I brought home a new washer. He hooked it right up and I've been doing the wash ever since. He's such a handy man to have around.

Lastly, I've been working on a give-away! This is one that will come in handy for you and your hubby and anything you may have laying around that needs to be hung. So keep checking it will be coming up in the next few days, I promise:)

Okay, I'm off to crawl under the bed and maybe clean out some cobwebs while I'm at it.


The Fritz Facts said...

I missed registration for summer dance class and they were full. Talk about taking mom down a peg. I always feel so bad if something like that happens.

Pat's Place said...

Oh, well, maybe she just needed to mature a bit before beginning. And PLEASE enjoy your company. I am sad that I have not yet learned to bilocate, but technology HAS made it possible for us to view the whole thing. Whee! We will be there via the webcast--AND IN SPIRIT! Kelly is cooking tomorrow night and we have champaigne! We will celebrate from here with y'all!

Karen said...

I have to get my girls registered for ballet class ...