Friday, August 15, 2008

Frugal Friday- Getting the Most out of 2 for 1 Sales

Today we ventured forth to buy some school clothes for the girls. I was armed with some coupons and a strict budget. We've recently started shopping at a certain department store that always seems to have buy one get one for a dollar. Last year the girls went crazy at this store buying 7 dollar tops, 15 dollar shirts etc. But as I sat and the dressing room and added up how much it would all cost it dawned on me. All the most expensive items are going to ring up full price and the cheaper items will end up being the dollar items. This would not do, so I decided that I would bunch the more expensive items together in one transaction and the cheaper ones in another. At the check-out I simply explained that I wanted to ring up the two groups separately. If you're worried about holding up the line just go to an out of the way, not busy register. Today I actually rang up three separate transactions and instead of paying 72.97, I paid 57.98 that's 15.00, which would buy my kiddos two more tops. I do the same thing with buy one get one for half price as well.
And I always leave the store feeling like I'm actually putting those math skills to use, the ones that almost kept me from graduating from high school!
That's my frugal tip for this Friday, head over to Biblical Womanhood for more great tips!

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Amy said...

Oh WOW. That's genius! Those kinds of sales never end up being as good as they ought to, but they just got better! :)

By the way... you've been tagged. Stop by my blog to see what it's all about. :)

The Fritz Facts said...

That is a great idea. I always try to buy same priced items for those kind of sales.