Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Tag

My friend Amy has tagged me. I must list 6 random things about myself. I believe I have done this before, but because I am full of randomness I'm sure I can come up with six more:)

1. I just got back from the ear doctor and found out the eardrum that has been sucked back into my head for the last several years has now developed a hole in it. Which, I believe is a pretty random occurrence.

2. I talk to myself. Soph has confessed to me several times that she does this. Sometimes she's talking to dead people and dogs, sometimes herself. Before you call social services the dead people she "talks" to are my grandparents and Champy. Anyways, I do this too, so I am not alarmed.

3. I make up plots in my head constantly. It's the writer in me but every odd character, any weird or even everyday occurrence I come across has a story. The poor toads in our garden even have their own little fable. Now sitting down and actually getting to write it is a different story.

4. I've just learned how to text, yes really!

5. I hate sleeping on my stomach.

6. I hate diet drinks. Give me a coke or a caffeine free coke and I'm good to go, but please don't ask me to do the diet thing, yuckeeepoo!!

Okay, instead of tagging six of you I'm going to ask anyone who wants to to please join in. Just let me know so I can read your randomness.
Thanks Amy for tagging me!


Karen said...

That eardrum thing sounds painful! Did the doctor say what caused it?

Amy said...

Wow! I love your randomness! Very... random! Lol.