Saturday, August 9, 2008

Congratulations Mark!

This weekend WB's little brother graduated. I say little, yet he stands at 6 feet 7 inches tall to WB's 5'11. The gene pool, it's a funny thing isn't it. Anyway, I must say I am very proud of him because, well, he's been like my little brother for a long time. Seems like just yesterday I sat down across from him in his family's living room and listened to him tell me about being on his high school swim team. I remember when he graduated from high school, went straight into the Coast Guard for several years, became a firefighter, got married, had two sweet babies (one being my newest nephew), and through all this did a long distance study program so he could get his degree! He has grown into quite the man under my watchful eye. Okay so others have been watching and advising as well. He does have three other brothers, parents and a wife he gets to listen to. But I've been like a mother hen too, can you hear me clucking.

So here's to Mark...I know whatever else in life he sets out to do he will be a success because he just doesn't know what it means to give up! Or work just one job for that matter.



Pat's Place said...

Miss Ella Bella and I are looking at your blog and she is fascinated with her dad on he buffalo and "has his graduation hat on!" Such an advanced concept for a two year old!

Karen said...

Good for Mark! That's a lot of stuff to have going at once, and it's great that he pushed forward and got his degree!