Sunday, August 3, 2008

MMM- Making Doughnuts

Em has been begging me to make doughnuts so this morning we ventured forth into the land of flour and sugar to mix up some of the little treats.

Fried them up in our iron skillet. These were the donut holes.

This is when a little fryer would be nice because regulating the temperature on an electric stove in a pan is not so easy...some turned out browner than others.

We sprinkled them with cinnamon-sugar and in Soph's case some icing. Then they gobbled them up!
We found the recipe for Salvation Army Doughnuts and made the revised version. We didn't need 250 doughnuts this morning! There is a neat history behind this recipe and I always like to sneak in a little learning when my kiddos least expect it.
That's our Memorable Moment for this Monday, what's yours?,?

There is another give-away coming soon!


Cindi said...

Very interesting background on the Salvation Army doughnuts! And as a fellow teacher, THANK YOU for giving your kids "the rest of the story," as I used to do too!

I may have to try that husband and sons are doughnut experts...they've never met one they didn't like!

Pat's Place said...

Gosh! I remember the times the boys and I made doughnuts, too! What a rush of memories and the taste--YUM! And then the mess--Yuk!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and I sure wish I had one or two or three of those doughnuts.

Karen said...

Those donuts are great!