Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hanging Shelves And The Give-Away

Whenever I hang pictures, shelves, etc. I usually end up with one side a little off balance. No matter how much I try to keep it straight it ends up slightly crooked. WB always shakes his head and grins at me when such a simple task turns into a major headache for me. Whatever, I know I am horizontally challenged. I can say it, I'm a big enough person to admit my flaws, well, this one at least. And even sometimes WB needs a little help hanging things:

This is the look he gives when asking, "Like this?"

Now he wouldn't have to look at me that way if he had used my give-away. Actually he has one but he does not consider himself horizontally challenged so he doesn't use it. But I find it very handy. It's.....

And it's wonderful. It sticks to any surface and projects a red laser line across your wall up to 50 ft. Just stick it to your wall and hang away, easy and fast.

So here's the deal. To enter just leave a comment telling me what tool helps you out around the house, because I'm sure if I don't have it I need it! If you don't have a blog that is fine just leave your e-mail so I can contact you. I'll draw a winner on Saturday morning!


Anonymous said...

I have an electric staple gun that I cannot live without! It is the only tool I brought into the marriage. Oh wait, I also have your great grandfather-in-law's draw knife. It is another tool I use often.

Karen said...

I can't live without my Philips head screwdriver. Those stinkin' toddler toys all have battery compartments that screw shut. Sure, they probably keep the kids from eating batteries, but they definitely make life annoying. So, we have Philips head screwdrivers scattered throughout the house.

Edi said...

Hmmm - I don't really use tools now that I have a husband...does a desk stapler and tape dispenser count?

I'm terrible at hanging things too - if I'm not in a hurry I just wait until my dh is around and have him take care of it.

The Fritz Facts said...

I love my level...when it wants to show me the bubble. Sometimes I am still at an angle though. I bought a mini one just for me, because Hubby keeps the big one in his truck.

Hubby has been asking for one of these, he thinks he has to have it. lol

Pat's Place said...

My favorite tool around the house is an ice pick. Now I don't use the ice pick for picking ice--or whatever it is truly used for. I use it to start holes for nails and screws. I hammer the ice pick into the board, wall or where I want to put a nail or screw. Then I pull the ice pick out and have a nice starting hole. That saves me from hitting my thumb trying to hold nails to start a hole.