Monday, August 11, 2008

MMM- Breakfast in Bed

This morning Soph came into my room early looking for medicine for her bug bite. I told her where to find it because I just couldn't move. Little One had a bad night and we had just settled down around 3:00, both in my bed. I woke up briefly at 4:00 to greet WB as his alarm went off and he searched around the room for his goggles. I'm assuming he was going swimming this morning, because otherwise he will look really silly wearing his goggles while doing weights.
Any who, I really expected Soph to crawl into bed with us and toss and turn and thump on the bed until the baby and I were fully awake, but she didn't. A half hour later I heard Soph and Em coming up the stairs. When they entered my room they were carrying a tray with breakfast on it. Soph had even put a little heart vase with a yellow flower in it that she picked from the front yard. They had made cinnamon toast (toasted bread and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top) and leftover waffle. They know not to use the stove or oven without me so they always get creative. I say always, because they have done this before. Sweet cherubs, aren't they?
"Soph said you had a rough night so we made you breakfast", Em told me.
"I picked the flower", Soph smiled sweetly.
"Thank you" I whispered, "You are both so sweet."
I chewed my lukewarm waffle and chilled cinnamon toast, it tasted better than anything I could have gotten at a five star restaurant.
"Mom, you'll have to make us breakfast when you come downstairs because we gave you the last waffle." Em lets me know with a grin.
I finish chewing and smile. "Would you like to finish mine?" I ask.
"Alright." They both giggle and take my breakfast away to eat as I wait for Little One to rouse.
Ahh, the joy of parenthood.

That's my memorable moment for this Monday, do you have one you'd like to share?

Tomorrow I will post my give-away, yee haw!!


Karen said...

How sweet!!!!!

fairenuff said...

I love this post. I cant wait until my girls are tall enough to reach the worktops! lol

The Fritz Facts said...

How sweet are your kids. They know what moms need sometimes.