Thursday, November 8, 2007

All in a week...

I've spent exactly four hours and twenty minutes in the doctor's office this week (I have another trip tomorrow so that number will be higher).

Made 12 trips into town, 18 trips to school, and used half a tank of gold, I mean gas to do it.

I've talked to two different doctor offices at least five times for appointments, test results, etc.

Driven through the pharmacy drive-through twice.

Discovered I left my wallet at home after driving all the way into town for dry-cleaning.

Been rear-ended by a big ole pick-up truck while I was attempting to obey the law and actually stop at a stop sign, he obviously didn't feel that was necessary.

Been disillusioned by the lack of voters and the outcome of our failed school bond.

I've had very unkind thoughts ( and maybe words) for my fellow mankind. (see above two comments)

Had to cancel a must needed hair appointment.

Neglected my blog.

But...the weeks almost over and I'm sure next week will be a breeze:)

1 comment:

Kara said...

Sorry you've had a crummy week, I hope next week is better! And I totally spaced that we had some local elections this week, oops! I was planning to vote, time just keep zooming by :D