Friday, November 16, 2007

We're Back!

Sorry I haven't written in a week. We just took a marathon trip to Houston to see my parents and for me to go have a check-up with the world's best ENT (I've been to a lot and he really is the best). 11+ hours in the car with our three kiddos can sometimes test even the patience of a saint. We no longer have a DVD player in the car and I'm thinking we might look into getting another of those. But for the most part the kids were really good, I think the parents had a more difficult time then the kids this time:)

But we had a great visit with Gram and Gramp and hubby even got to hit some golf balls! I, myself, took a trip with Gram to go shopping at Rice Village. I have not shopped like that in a long time ( you'll notice my absence from the normal frugal Friday post, maybe it's guilt). Actually, I didn't spend a dime, it was my birthday shopping spree, gift of Mom and Dad. It was selfish, probably even a little bit gluttonous, but I've got to say I enjoyed every bit of it. If only my sister had been along it would have been the perfect shopping day!!

Soph is going to have to have her tonsils out the day after Christmas. I truly cringe at the thought, but I know how much better she will feel once they are out. And we are really ready to be feeling better around here, enough sleepless nights and colds and coughs, thank you!

Well, I still need to unpack, do more laundry, etc. Better see what's for dinner too!

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Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Yay for gluttony, I say!! Glad you had a good birthday spree, and a nice week with your parents.

Sorry to hear that Soph's tonsils are giving her grief. Sell it to her as a chance to eat all the icecream she wants?? My prayers will be with you.