Monday, November 5, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

I have learned from my 5 year old that I need to send canned goods to school for the pilgrims. Upon further questioning I learned that these pilgrims don't have very much food and that they might live in tee pees like the Indians. And they might not have stoves so they will have to build a fire to cook their food.

Interpretation that came from my 7 year old was that they were having a canned food drive. It wasn't for the pilgrims, but rather in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Like when the Indians shared their food with the pilgrims, we need to share with those that need help.

I just love these conversations I have with my kids!


Amy D said...

Haha! That is really funny! Reminds me of when my 4yr old came home talking about the mean king of Egypt named ... Moses. Oops.

My Memorable Moment for this week is up! :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing you have an interpreter! One thing I learned as a first grade teacher and I always told the parents that I would only believe half of what their kids told me about them if the parents would only believe half of what their kids told them about me!