Monday, November 26, 2007

Memorable Moments Monday

This is Blue Jean, Blue for short. She is a blue heeler that we adopted when she was a year old. For those of you not familiar with Blue Heelers they are bred to help herd cattle. They are very smart, very stubborn, and just about the toughest dog I know. She is all these things and more! Even though she is almost twelve years old now she has only slowed down a bit. Since we don't have any cows she loves to play Frisbee and in her younger years she could fly. It was amazing to watch. She knows no fear either. She took on a Rottweiler at Petsmart, even though she was less than half the dogs size she had him shaking in his paws. The burly owner was not very happy with his dogs response to my Blue girl until I told him his dog must remind her of a big ole bull. I swear his chest puffed up a little, the owners not the dogs!

Anyway, I could go on and on with stories about Blue, but I'll save those for later. What I wanted to tell you is this weekend it turned cold and snowed so Blue being spoiled was determined to get inside. Hubby had built a very nice shelter by the back door with hay bales so she and our other dog, Thunder could climb in. (They also have a nice big Igloo doghouse, but they usually ignore it.) So as we're eating dinner and the temp is rapidly dropping Blue hops on top of the bales of hay so that she is eye level with hubbs, who is sitting just on the other side of the glass. She lays down and stares woefully at her master, hoping he will take pity on her and let her in (she's already tried barking and that wasn't successful). Hubby turns around to look at her and tells her she's fine. The next time he turns around to look at her she starts shivering, but stops when he looks away. This happens at least ten times, shiver when hubby turns to look at her, stops the minute he looks away. The girls and I are cracking up with her antics. And of course hubby finally rewards her by letting them in, after all, this was the dog that used to sleep at the end of his bed every night until our family began to grow!

That's my memorable moment for this week. Do you have one to share?

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Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Wow, even the animals in your household have their adults wrapped around their little paws! That is a gorgeous story!