Sunday, November 18, 2007

High Intensity Pay

My husband's company gives high intensity pay to salary employees if they have to work 14 days straight. For every 14 days straight they work they get a good bit of extra change added to their paycheck. My mother, as a nurse, can get paid more if she works nights or she can receive double time for working holidays. Hmmmm...

So I was thinking I've worked (doing the math here, give me a sec)...
  • 192.8 high intensity periods
  • 2700 nights
  • 43 holidays

since being a mother.

Because as we know we are on call 24/7, work straight through the holidays, and never take a day off.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could write my senator and see about getting us stay at home moms some sort of paycheck. The government seems to fund all sorts of programs and gives out pay for just about anything and after all, we are raising the future generation, which will be responsible for keeping this planet going.

On second thought, never mind, they can't afford us!

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Amy D said...

Hmmmm.. (scratching my chin)... I'm really liking your math! *Sigh* If only we got paychecks! :) Lol.