Friday, March 7, 2008

Public Announcement

Just for those that are interested I'm posting this very informative blog on how to choke down those powders that are good for you. That is my little sis by the way. And I know many turn their noses up at these health store alternatives I will say this my sister lives and practices this lifestyle and well she's probably the most in shape person I know. She takes 50 mile bike rides without even being winded, plus teaches cycling classes at 6:30 in the morning, plus she is training for a triathlon. So I'm thinking I need to start trying some of this stuff!!


Anonymous said...

I love it. The food network should be calling any minute now. The Kim and Fred show!! SJP

Pat's Place said...

Great suggestions! Ask her how we should use Protein Powder as a supplement. I've been wondering about that--then I will ask about the bike ride--50 miles! Whew!

kpottlitzer said...

that video still cracks me up! pat, a really great way to use protein powder is in a smoothie. you can add frozen berries and/or a banana with some milk and whip it up. the fruit smoothie is good with strawberry or vanilla flavored protein powder. you can also make a yummy smoothie with chocolate protein powder, a spoonful of all natural peanut butter, milk or water and ice. a banana is good in there too. or you can stir protein powder into your oatmeal after it has cooked and cooled off slightly. those are just a couple of ideas! i think i'm going for another 50 mile ride this weekend! it sounds longer than it is :).