Friday, March 14, 2008

Target Practice

Em went with her Dad to the rifle range the other day. WB had to try out his new gun. Em has a little rifle gun, pz340. I made that up I have no idea what type of gun it is, it's just child-sized that a friend gave us. Anyway, just a few months ago the noise of the gun scared her, but not anymore. Here is my little shooter:

Isn't she cute? I normally would not refer to a gun toting child as cute, but darn it she is. Now for all you moms and grandmothers out there. She is well versed on gun safety. She could probably recite rules in her sleep. And yes, it still makes me nervous, but here's the thing if I never let her do anything that I was nervous about the child would never leave the house. Heck, she'd never leave her room! She's got a good head on her shoulders and I trust her. Now, if she ever showed any sort of reckless behavior at the gun range that would be the end of that. Thankfully, this kid is a stickler for the rules. I know she reminds me of them constantly, like if it feels like I may be going over the posted speed limit etc.

Oh, and here is her target:

Not bad!


The Fritz Facts said...

I think it is great! She gets to do something with her Dad, and they have that time together. We are waiting until Boo hits 11 or so before we get to that point, but she loves to go hunting with her dad. Safety classes are first though.
She is a great shot!!

Pat's Place said...

Her granddad was quite proud of her target! He was bragging about her!

Anonymous said...

Emma great shooting especially with that little rifle.

kpottlitzer said...

ok, i'm taking em to the obama campaign headquarters when ya'll get in town! she needs to be "citified." xo kim

please don't shoot me :)

Kara said...

Yes, she is becoming a country gal, but that's why we have our city relatives to help keep the balance!!:)